Lasik Eye Surgery Cost Bangladesh


Lasik Eye Surgery Bangladesh

For the treatment of common vision issues such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, laser eye surgery called LASIK (Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) is employed.

Worldwide, including in Bangladesh, it is an extensively used practice.

To determine whether this is the right line of action for you, you must consult with a qualified eye surgeon because it does have risks, just like any operation, therefore it’s important to do so before undergoing any type of surgery.

Lasik Eye Surgery Cost in Bangladesh

Lasik Eye Surgery Cost Bangladesh

The cost of LASIK eye surgery in Bangladesh may vary depending on the clinic or hospital where the procedure is performed and the type of laser technology used.

The average cost of LASIK eye surgery in Bangladesh is, nonetheless, quite affordable when compared to other countries.

LASIK eye surgery normally costs between BDT 50,000 and BDT 80,000 for both eyes in Bangladesh. For modern technology or services, certain clinics or hospitals may charge a premium.

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LASIK available in Bangladesh

Procedure Recovery Time Price/Eye ($)
Standard LASIK Bangladesh 3 days 500
C LASIK Bangladesh 2 days 600
Contoura Bangladesh 1 day 1000
TransPRK Bangladesh 1 day 1500

Lasik Eye Surgery Bangladesh Near-Me


Lasik Eye Surgery performed in Bangladesh provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for those who are looking for correction of their vision.

Although insurance protection is not available for Lasik Eye Surgery usually restricted because it is an elective treatment.

Finance options such as medical credit cards or installment programs could be viable options to reduce the expense.

It is important to take into account the additional costs like consultations prior to surgery, post-operative care and medications, as well as follow-up appointments when calculating the total cost.

Lasik Eye Surgery – FAQs

What is the average cost of Lasik eye surgery in Bangladesh?

The price of a Lasik eye procedure in Bangladesh can range from BDT 40,000 to BDT 80.000.

Does the cost of Lasik eye surgery vary based on the clinic or surgeon?

Yes, the price can be different depending on the surgeon or clinic you select.

Are there any additional costs associated with Lasik eye surgery?

Additional expenses could include consultations prior to surgery also post-operative medical care, medications, and follow-up visits.

Does insurance cover the cost of Lasik eye surgery?

In the majority of cases, insurance companies do not cover the expense associated with Lasik eye surgery since it is a non-essential procedure.

Are there any financing options available for Lasik eye surgery in Bangladesh?

Some eye clinics offer financing options, like a medical credit card or an installment program, to help patients cover.

What factors can affect the cost of Lasik eye surgery in Bangladesh?

The factors that impact the cost are the degree of complexity with which you require vision correction.

Is there a difference in cost between bladeless and traditional Lasik?

Which uses all-laser technology, and could cost a little more than traditional Lasik because of the sophisticated technology required.

Can the cost of Lasik eye surgery vary based on the severity of my vision prescription?

Yes, the intensity of your vision prescription may impact the cost of Lasik eye surgery.

Are there any hidden costs associated with Lasik eye surgery?

It’s essential for you to ask about possible hidden charges to ensure that you are aware of the total costs.

Does the cost of Lasik eye surgery include both eyes or is it per eye?

Make sure to ask your surgeon if the price quoted is for just one eye or for both.

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