Lasik Eye Surgery Cost in Philippines


Lasik Eye Surgery Cost in the Philippines

Lasik Eye Surgery Cost in the Philippines: Many people battle with eyesight issues throughout the majority of their life.

You should think about getting LASIK if you want to permanently solve your eyesight issues. In the Philippines, the price of LASIK surgery might exceed $100,000.

 Lasik Eye Surgery Cost in Philippines

Even more so if it is performed by a skilled ophthalmologist with outstanding knowledge of LASIK surgery, this expense is justified given the advantages of the procedure.

You must comprehend LASIK surgery thoroughly so that you know what to anticipate from it before you eventually decide to stop wearing contacts and glasses.

LASIK Surgery

Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis surgery is what LASIK stands for. Astigmatism, nearsightedness, or farsightedness are all treated with eye surgery to improve vision in patients.

In order to repair the patient’s eyesight, an ophthalmologist will reshape his cornea during the procedure using a specific cutting laser.

It doesn’t always follow that the patient would always have 20/20 vision after his procedure, though. The majority of LASIK patients still use contacts or glasses when driving despite having much better vision.

Ninety percent of LASIK surgery patients, according to the study, have vision between 20/20 and 20/40.

Therefore, if you want the greatest outcome from this treatment, you need only have the most skilled eye surgeon conduct it.

The greatest ophthalmologist will, however, charge you more for your LASIK procedure, so be aware of that.

LASIK Surgery Philippines Price

This surgery’s price ranges widely from clinic to clinic. But there are cheaper LASIK treatment packages available at some public hospitals.

Here is what we anticipate this procedure involves your eyes to cost.

Treatment Location Price
LASIK Surgery Asia Pacific Eye Center ₱72,000 to ₱82,000
Laser Eye Surgeon Consultation ₱650 to ₱1,250  
LASIK Surgery Roque Eye Clinic ₱77,000
LASIK with IntraLase/VisuMax ₱77,000  
Epi-LASIK ₱69,000  
Relex Smile ₱112,000  
LASIK Surgery Shinagawa LASIK and Aesthetics Clinic ₱142,000
Relex Smile Asian Hospital and Medical Clinic ₱138,000
FemtoLASIK ₱99,000  

Prepare for LASIK Eye Surgery

Regarding how to be ready for eye surgery, your ophthalmologist will provide you with some instructions.

  1. A battery of screening tests must be completed. These exams are done to examine the thickness and surface of the cornea, the pupil size, your eyes’ overall health, the amount of refractive error, and whether or not you have dry eyes.
  2. Depending on the kind of lens, you must wait between two and four weeks before wearing contact lenses.
  3. 24 hours before the procedure, avoid using cream, moisturizer, perfume, and makeup.

Lasik Eye Surgery Near Me



Laser eye surgery performed in the Philippines gives patients a cost-effective method to correct their vision and decrease the need for contacts or glasses.

The price of the procedure will vary based on factors like the reputation of the clinic, the surgeon’s expertise, the equipment employed, and any additional medical care needed.

While insurance plans usually don’t cover the costs associated with Lasik eye surgery since it is an elective procedure.

A number of eye clinics across the Philippines provide financing options that make the treatment more affordable.

 It is essential to take into consideration not just the price but also the credentials that the physician has, the standard of the facility, and the type of technology used when choosing a service. Check this: Website

Lasik Eye Surgery – FAQs

How much does Lasik eye surgery cost in the Philippines?

Lasik eye procedure in the Philippines generally ranges from PHP 50,000 to PHP 100,000.

What factors can influence the cost of Lasik eye surgery in the Philippines?

The price of a Lasik eye procedure in the Philippines will be affected by factors like the reputation of the clinic or the after-operative care that is needed.

Are there any additional costs associated with Lasik eye surgery?

There could be additional charges for post-operative examinations, and follow-up appointments.

Does insurance cover the cost of Lasik eye surgery in the Philippines?

The majority of insurance plans in the Philippines don’t cover the costs of Lasik eye surgery since it is regarded as an elective procedure.

Are there any financing options available for Lasik eye surgery in the Philippines?

These may include installment plans or special loans with no or very low-interest rates.

Are there any hidden costs associated with Lasik eye surgery?

Discuss with your surgeon possible hidden costs like enhancements or other procedures that could be required.

Does the cost of Lasik eye surgery vary depending on the clinic or surgeon in the Philippines?

Factors like the reputation of the clinic, & the overall quality of the clinic may affect the cost of treatment.

Can I get a discount on Lasik eye surgery in the Philippines?

It is worth asking about discounts available, particularly during seasonal or special promotions.

How can I find the most affordable Lasik eye surgery in the Philippines?

To find the cheapest Lasik eye procedure in the Philippines, compare prices, & read testimonials from past patients.

What should I consider besides cost when choosing a Lasik surgeon in the Philippines?

It’s equally crucial to take into account the surgeon’s expertise, the tools they utilize, & the image of the clinic.

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