Lasik Eye Surgery Cost Turkey


Lasik Eye Surgery Cost Turkey

Several variables, including the kind of treatment, the technology utilized, and the surgeon’s experience, might affect the price of Lasik Eye Surgery Cost Turkey.

LASIK surgery typically costs between $1,000 and $2,500 per eye in Turkey. Before booking LASIK surgery.

It is crucial to verify with your insurance carrier because the operation is seen as an elective one and may not be covered.

Finding a trustworthy and qualified surgeon via research is also crucial.

Lasik Eye Surgery Cost in Turkey

Things you should know before your Laser Eye Surgery in Turkey

  1. Turkey laser eye surgery becomes prevalent.
  2. Turkey has emerged as one of the top nations doing eye surgery in the globe because to its high standards, frequent procedures, and skilled ophthalmologists.
  3. In Turkey, laser eye surgery is quite reasonably priced and of the finest standard. Prices are significantly less than in the USA or Europe.
  4. It is possible to finish eye laser surgery in Istanbul in only one visit, making it easy to seamlessly combine the procedure with a city tour. Istanbul should be on your holiday schedule for at least three days.
  5. For those under the age of 21, laser eye surgery is not advised since eyesight might alter throughout puberty.
  6. Notably, laser eye surgery is not advised for those who have diabetes, cataracts, high eye pressure, or systemic diseases including HIV, lupus, or rheumatoid arthritis.
  7. Women who are breastfeeding or Expecting must follow the same guidelines.
  8. Those over the age of 21 who have maintained a stable prescription for glasses or contact lenses for at least two to three years are good candidates for this surgery.
  9. Less than 1% of laser eye surgery patients experience complications. The LASIK process involves very little trauma. Sutures don’t leave a scar that needs to heal.

The procedure of Laser Eye Surgery in Turkey/Istanbul

A copy of your medical history will be sent via email to your eye doctor before laser eye surgery.

The optimum laser eye surgery turkey strategy for you will be determined by your doctor using this information.

As soon as you get to Istanbul, you’ll meet with your eye specialist for a checkup and the final affirmation if you’re a candidate for the treatment and the selected technique.

Usually, the laser eye surgery turkey is performed the next day. The LASIK treatment typically takes between five and fifteen minutes per eye.

Drop anesthetic is used during LASIK surgery to make the operation pain-free. Your eye doctor will then remind you to follow the aftercare instructions.

After the procedure, your eyes will be sensitive to light. It is advisable to wear sunglasses for the first 24 hours after laser eye surgery turkey. 

Lasik Eye Surgery Near Me


Lasik Eye Surgery in Turkey is a safe and affordable option for the correction of vision. 

The price of the procedure is dependent on factors like the doctor’s experience, clinic as well as the technology employed, as well as additional services offered. 

Although insurance coverage for Lasik Eye Surgery isn’t common financing options are frequently offered to allow the procedure to be more affordable. 

It is crucial to schedule an appointment with a respected LASIK doctor from Turkey for a discussion. Of your particular requirements, get a customized cost estimate, and inquire about any additional costs.

Lasik Eye Surgery – FAQs

What is LASIK eye surgery?

The LASIK procedure is a well-known refractive surgery procedure that makes use of a laser to shape corneas, correcting vision issues and reducing them.

How much does LASIK eye surgery cost in Turkey?

It is between $800 and $1,000 per eye.

Are there any hidden costs associated with LASIK eye surgery in Turkey?

It is crucial to ask about any possible additional costs that may be hidden during your consultation or medication, also any improvements.

Does the cost of LASIK eye surgery in Turkey include both eyes?

Some eye clinics offer special deals or discounts for surgery performed for both eyes simultaneously.

Does insurance cover LASIK eye surgery in Turkey?

LASIK Eye surgery is usually considered to be an elective surgery and is usually not insured by insurance.

Are financing options available for LASIK eye surgery in Turkey?

Many eye clinics in Turkey provide financing options that enable LASIK eye procedures easier to afford.

Does the cost of LASIK eye surgery in Turkey include follow-up visits?

It is essential to confirm with your eye surgeon if the price associated with LASIK eye surgery is inclusive of periodic follow-up appointments.

Can I use my (HSA) or (FSA) to pay for LASIK eye surgery in Turkey?

In most instances, LASIK eye surgery in Turkey is considered to be a qualified expense for HSA as well as FSA plans.

What factors can influence the cost of LASIK eye surgery in Turkey?

The price of LASIK eye procedure in Turkey will be affected by factors like the reputation and experience of the surgeon.

Can I get a price quote for LASIK eye surgery in Turkey without a consultation?

LASIK doctor in Turkey to assess your eligibility and get an accurate cost estimate specifically tailored to your requirements.

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