Open Heart Surgery Cost in Apollo


Open Heart Surgery Apollo

Open Heart Surgery Cost in Apollo: During open-heart surgery, The breastbone must be removed to provide surgeons access to the heart.

There are times when it is more common to use the term “conventional heart surgery” When referring to open-heart procedures.

Any current cardiac procedures may now be carried out with only little incisions or cuts and no Huge Holes. As a result, The phrase “Open-Heart Surgery” May be misleading.

Heart transplantation, CABG (bypass surgery), And valve replacement are a few examples of open-heart procedures.

Also treatable with open-heart surgery include heart failure, Congenital cardiac defects, And coronary artery disease.

Open Heart Surgery Cost in Apollo

Open Heart Surgery Cost in Apollo

Depending on the precise treatment being performed, The hospital’s location, And the patient’s Unique circumstances, The cost of open heart surgery might vary significantly.

The kind of operation (such as bypass surgery or valve replacement), also the patient’s general condition, Might have an impact on the price.

And if the procedure is an emergency or elective. The typical cost of open heart surgery in the United States is $50,000 to $200,000 Or more, However individual cases may result in significantly higher or lower costs.

For a more precise cost Estimate of the operation, It is advised that you speak with a hospital or surgeon in your region.

You should also verify with your insurance company to see if the treatment is covered by your policy.

Open-heart Surgery Is Required

For a coronary artery bypass transplant, Patients with coronary heart disease may require open heart surgery.

The coronary arteries, feed the heart muscle with blood and oxygen, Thin and harden over time, causing coronary heart disease.

Hardening is the term for when fatty material forms a plaque on the walls of the coronary arteries.

When plaque builds up in the arteries, It limits blood flow and makes it more likely that a heart attack will occur when the heart’s Blood supply is cut off.

Additional justifications for open cardiac surgery include:

  • It is necessary to repair or replace the heart valves that regulate blood flow through the heart.
  • To restore health to any cardiac areas that are injured or aberrant.
  • To insert medical devices that promote healthy heartbeat
  • heart transplantation, Often known as replacing a damaged heart with a donor’s heart.


Recovery from open-heart surgery is always slow but steady. It might take up to six weeks before an individual begins to feel better.

And it could take up to six months before the full benefits of the surgery are realized. One may maintain a Healthy heart by performing the following:

  • consuming a wholesome diet
  • limiting foods heavy in Fat, Salt, And sugar
  • living a more active lifestyle
  • preventing smoking
  • taking care of high cholesterol and blood pressure

Expect From Open-Heart Surgery

Before having open heart surgery, a patient might anticipate:

  • Electrocardiograms, Chest X-Ray, and other
  • diagnostic methods help the surgeon plan the course of action.
    Shaving the chest is required.
  • The surgical area is sanitized with antimicrobial (bacteria-killing) soap.
  • Fluids and medications are given through an intravenous line (IV) tube inserted into the arm.


The surgical team will carefully check your vital signs including your heart rate.

To help you breathe, A tube may be put into your neck. You can feel uneasy as a result, And you won’t be able to talk at that time. This is often eliminated within 24 hours.

To drain the extra fluid from your chest, a chest tube may be implanted. The discomfort will be noticeable. If you require painkillers, You can ask for them.

You ought should be able to sit in a chair and walk with support in a day or two. Fluids that have collected in your lungs as a result of surgery may be removed with the use of therapy.

You should be permitted to drink water the next day after surgery. As soon as you can tolerate them, you can start eating regular foods.

Most likely, you’ll have to spend a few days in the hospital. Patients may be compelled to adhere to a rigorous, all-encompassing rehabilitation regimen at home after being released from the hospital. 

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In summary, The cost of Open Heart Surgery at Apollo Hospitals might vary based on the precise treatment being Performed and the Circumstances of the particular patient.

For a more precise cost estimate, It is advised that you get in touch with the hospital directly. To find out if the surgery is covered by your insurance plan, You may also contact your insurance company.

Open Heart Surgery – FAQs

What is open heart surgery?

The term open heart surgery refers to the procedure that is carried out to treat various heart ailments by gaining access to the heart via a huge opening inside the chest.

What heart conditions can be treated with open heart surgery?

Open heart surgery is a procedure that can treat conditions like coronary arteriac condition, heart valve issues also congenital heart defects, and heart transplants.

Why choose Apollo for open heart surgery?

The answer is Apollo is an acclaimed healthcare institution with highly skilled cardiac surgeons, modern facilities, and an impressive experience in open heart surgery.

How much does open heart surgery cost at Apollo?

The price for an open heart procedure at Apollo is dependent on factors like the procedure type also the level of difficulty.

 What factors can influence the cost of open heart surgery at Apollo?

The price of the open surgery offered at Apollo is influenced by many factors including the type of procedure, and any post-operative demands.

 Does health insurance cover the cost of open heart surgery at Apollo?

The coverage of health insurance to cover open heart surgeries at Apollo could vary based on the insurance plan chosen and policy guidelines. 

Can I get an estimate of the cost before undergoing open heart surgery at Apollo? 

Sure, Apollo can provide a cost estimate for open-heart surgery following a thorough evaluation of your particular condition and treatment requirements. 

 Are there any hidden costs associated with open heart surgery at Apollo?

Apollo is committed to transparency in its pricing. Any additional charges or costs are typically communicated prior to the procedure.

Does the cost of open heart surgery at Apollo include pre-operative and post-operative care?

The price of open heart surgeries at Apollo typically includes post-operative and pre-operative care.

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